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« Je suis rital et je le reste, et dans le verbe et dans le geste, vos saisons sont devenues miennes, mais ma musique est italienne. »

― Claude Barzotti, Le rital (1983)

Originally from Rome (Italy, 1984),
Danilo Samà has lived abroad for the past 15 years, between Aarhus (Denmark), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Ghent (Belgium), Hamburg (Germany), Toulouse (France), and Brussels (Belgium). He currently lives and works in Paris (France), where his clicks portray the night music scene. Realpolitik and nostalgia are the key elements of his photography aesthetics and research.


« Everyone must do his own crap and have his own identity. I watch “Uomini e donne” and I’m not ashamed of anything. I know who Tina Cipollari is and I don’t turn around. I recognize that she exists. I deal with it. »

― Francesco Vezzoli, interview (2016)